Wedding Videography

Durban | Johannesburg | Cape Town

With videography, just like our photography, we aim to capture the authentic beauty of your day including all the unique details that make it truly yours. Whether it's the emotion on the bride and groom's faces when they first see each other, the ring bear(er) making a run for it with the rings, or a traditional celebratory song and dance after the ceremony, we want to capture it all.


Altaaf & Aaliya

Altaaf & Aaliya had their reception at the NMJ Islamic Hall in Durban. Although things ran slightly late, the event was lavish and beautiful, and the couple were quite emotional on the day.

Delean & Adrian

Almost everyone who said a speech at Delean & Adrian’s reception made a point of mentioning that they had met and been together for a long time. For the two of them, this day was a dream come true.

Devon & Kalela

This lovely young couple from Pretoria had music picked out for almost everything. They were married in the Church of Latter day Saints, but opted to do the walk down the isle in the hall instead of the chapel so that it could be photographed and filmed. The clouds parted just long enough on a rainy day to allow for some beautiful footage at the foot of the Union buildings, and the couple performed an excellent Tango for their first dance.


This fun couple had both a western-style wedding in the Church of Latter Day Saints, along with a traditional wedding. Highlights include lots of singing and dancing, and lots of smiling and happy faces during the day.