DIY Wedding ideas to save you money

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and can also get very expensive very quickly, which can compound the stress. However, with some spare time or some help from family and friends you can do a lot of things yourself, save some money, and give your wedding a more personal touch. Here are some ideas that we did for our wedding.


You’re organising a wedding for so many people and they all need to know where to sit.

WIth some cardboard, chalkboard stickers, some decorative stickers, scissors, and a pen you can make lovely handwritten cards that people can take with them if they choose. We actually bought all the supplies and couriered it across the country to a friend!

We got a decorative punch to give the edges of the namecard an extra touch.


It’s customary to give everyone who attends your wedding a little gift to say “Thank you”. Even getting slightly extravagant could end up costing a lot of money.

Though not strictly DIY, we took a photo of us and had it printed on a small fridge magnet - all for under R10 per magnet. There are loads of options when you go this route, from printing photos onto things, to getting small keyrings laser cut.


The wedding cake is often a big deal for people, and it too can end up costing so much and is often left uneaten.

We got a friend to help us out a little. We decided we wanted a doughnut cake. She shopped around a bit and found that the doughnuts from Food Lover’s Market are both affordable and delicious. Then she got creative and added some extra icing in various flavours, and used some extra flowers to decorate the whole ensemble.

The cake stand was also DIY-ed by using some standard threaded rod, a base plate to screw it into, and some cake stands with holes and nuts to keep them in place.

An extra tip: serve your wedding cake as part of the cocktail hour (when you run off to go take some photos). That way everyone is around to enjoy it, and more of it will get eaten.


This one isn’t strictly necessary, but seeing as we’re both dancers (and actually met on the dance floor) we decided to personalise our shoes for the day.

We started by getting some Shweshwe material and project glue. Then we had to go about measuring the right sizes of material for the shoes. The guy’s shoe was fairly straightforward, but the ladies shoe can be quite complicated if it has a lot of thin straps that you want to cover. Glue the material to the shoe (you can be quite liberal with the glue, though keep a cloth handy to catch the stray globs), and wait for it to dry.

Voila! Your wedding is costing you less and it has a more personal touch. It’s win-win for everyone. Let us know if you have any more cool DIY ideas that you’re using (or used) for your wedding day!