Wedding venue: Conservatory

The sign reads “Conservatory” and taking your first steps into the space, you begin to understand why, as your eyes meet green hues from the leaves on the trees and the ivy hugging the walls. There are splashes of colour from the purple agapanthus and pink bougainvilleas and (if we weren’t in a drought) you would hear the sound of the Kastaiing river mixed with the calming whisper of the trees.

Standing at the entrance you can see the bottom garden, stepped paths and a majestic glass lined building that make the Conservatory.  From this viewpoint, it looks like the bottom garden creates a heart shape around a lone tree which we’d imagine provides the perfect centering for a small ceremony and some beautiful photographic moments for a wedding couple. We especially loved that next to this tree, there is a single wooden swing, reminiscent of a simpler time.

When inside the building there is a sense of standing inside a greenhouse that is offering you the Franschhoek Valley as a gift. You are welcomed with light, sky, mountains, and an expanse of beautiful trees, laid out before you.

The interior is modern and elegant in muted hues of grey, white and black, and smooth metal finished window frames that complement the natural beauty. This is all architecturally laid out in a manner that creates a sense of openness and refinement.

We visited on a summer afternoon, which meant the atmosphere inside the venue was lovely and warm. The doors open wide so air can flow freely inside the venue, providing natural cooling. This being said, the Conservatory is the kind of venue that you could see being gorgeous in any type of weather. We could imagine the subdued lighting, rain flecks on the window and the warmth of the fireplaces creating a beautifully romantic atmosphere on a rainy winter day too. This is great if you are unsure of how the weather will unfold on your wedding day.

Each moment spent in the space provides a moment to join with the outside, be it under the tree, or sitting inside at your table, so we feel the space stays true to its motto of “inviting the outside in”.

We can say as an engaged couple, planning our wedding, that were we to be getting married in Cape Town, we would definitely consider the Conservatory to be at the top of our list of favourite venues in the Cape.

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