Planning your wedding day family portraits

Weddings are one of the few times where whole families all come together to celebrate together, and it’s important to have family portraits taken on the day. Gathering all the family together on the day for photos can be a bit of a hassle, so it’s important to plan ahead or you’ll end up wasting a lot of time on family portraits that could otherwise be used for your creative shoot.

family portrait

The first thing we recommend doing is making a list of which family portraits need to be taken on the day. Often you want separate photos with the parents, grandparents, and wedding party, but maybe you also want one with siblings, cousins etc. - all of these should be listed. After you’ve made the list share it with your photographer - they might ask some questions to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anyone.

The second big thing we recommend is to get someone on the day to hold the above made list and to organise the people, the MC or best man are often go-to choices. This person becomes responsible for finding and herding the people needed for the family portraits, and generally making sure that the process runs smoothly. To make things go a little smoother, you can even send family and friend members a note as part of their invitation letting them know that they will be needed for specific photos.

If everything goes well you’ll end up spending about 15 - 30 minutes on family portraits, rather than close to an hour or more. This ends up giving you less stress, and generally a happier time altogether.