Why we love wedding books in the digital age

It’s 2018 and photography is solidly digital. We take digital images, edit digitally, and provide those photos to clients in a digital way - usually on a flash drive but more and more as a direct download.

However, we still love printed wedding albums and we think they’re very important for couples.

Digital photos are easy to share on social media, sure, but they’re also very easily forgotten. On social media, people click, like, and then close and probably never go back to it again. Social media is all about “what’s next” with constantly updating timelines and notifications, keeping people moving along and not really allowing them to stop and take everything in properly.

If you only keep your photos on your computer or external hard drive, chances are that you won’t look at them very often, and you probably won’t show them to other people either (except for the social media share that one time). A digital photo somewhere on a hard drive is like a printed photo in a shoebox in the basement. To get value from a photo it needs to be in a place where we see it and that’s why people frame them on their desks, or hang them up in their homes.

A printed book, on the other hand, lives on your coffee table in plain sight and encourages browsing through it, easily bringing back those happy memories and emotions. What we’ve also found is that the wedding album is the first thing that comes out when guests come over and that becomes much more of a conversation than you’ll ever have on social media where the main interactions are “click” and “like”.

photo book

Printing and albums definitely still have a place in today’s world, and that’s why we’ve spent time and effort finding the best albums we can possibly give to our clients. We love the albums we offer so much that made one for our own wedding photos.