3 props to take to your engagement shoot

He asked, she said yes, and now it’s time for a fun engagement shoot to commemorate the happy occasion. To help make it uniquely yours and even more special, here are some ideas for props that you can use with your engagement shoot.

engagement flower bouquet

Bouquet of flowers

A classic - add a splash of colour and style with a bouquet of your favourite flowers. Not only does it give your photos a little something extra, but it also gives you something to hold which can help with the nerves as it answers the constant question “What do I do with my hands?”.


Simple and effective, a blanket gives you something comfortable to sit on whether you’re in a park or on the beach and also adds a little element unique to you (you’re not going to buy a blanket that you don’t like). If there’s a little wind on the day you can also get some interesting photos with the blanket blowing in the breeze.

engaged couple on a blanket
couple holding scrabble letters

Chalkboard or Scrabble letters

It might seem cheesy, but a chalkboard can be loads of fun. You can have a photo or 2 with the engagement date on it, or even write your own special messages to each other on there. Play around and have fun with it.

A slightly different take on the chalkboard is to get some Scrabble letters - you can either use the letters from the game or buy some separately from a laser cutting shop.