Small, intimate weddings

With everything that goes into a wedding it’s no surprise that they become expensive affairs. Venues, food, decor - the list goes on and on - and often travel and accommodation mean that your budget is used up long before you’ve reached the end of your planning.

Something we’ve been noticing is couples coming to us asking for advice for wedding venues that cater for smaller weddings. We decided to ask some venues to see how they feel about this, and to find out if it’s a growing trend.

Some wedding venues cater exclusively to larger weddings (usually more than 80 people), while some others charge an additional fee (or surcharge) for smaller weddings. Obviously for those trying to save money this would be less than ideal - it’s best to find a venue that caters for what you actually want. While those might be harder to come by, they do exist.

Midlands venues St. Ives, Cranford Country Lodge, and Orchards all responded to us saying that they cater for small weddings.

While it might have been strange before, most of the venues we contacted said that they have had more enquiries for small weddings this year. Interestingly, venues also reported that while couples might have smaller weddings in terms of people, they spent more on decor, food, and accommodation. Quality over quantity seems to be the order of the day for smaller weddings.

Almost unanimously, the venues all said they love doing both small and big weddings, but also noted that they felt that smaller weddings were more memorable.

Whether you prefer small or big weddings, remember to give us a call because we love to capture all happy memories and we’re happy to custom make a package to suit your needs.