Real Weddings: Samkeliwe & Decent

Samkeliwe and Decent met in Witbank, but had family coming from all over and so had their wedding ceremony at Thandana in Ladysmith.

Thandana has a lovely outside wedding chapel underneath a beautiful tree, as well as a pretty garden with all kinds of extra decorations that make for some great photo opportunities.

Unfortunately on the wedding day it was absolutely pouring with rain. With only a tree for cover everyone would have got sopping wet in no time. The Thandana staff jumped into action and moved the ceremony into the reception venue in short order. Instead of doing photos outside - and risk ruining the wedding dress - we did the photos inside the guesthouse.

Though things didn’t work out quite as expected, what stood out for us was how everyone celebrated with song and dance, the laughter, and the smiles on people’s faces.

Below are some of the photos from the wedding - click here to view the full gallery.