About Us


We are a husband & wife duo and work together as a team, both bringing to the forefront our own personal insights & attention to detail. Our experience includes weddings, engagements, events, dance and travel. We have photographed weddings in KZN, Gauteng and the Cape; events in South Africa, Turkey and Ukraine

Photographs capture a moment, sometimes a moment we may have completely missed,
sometimes colours we may not have even noticed. They say things words may not be able to, and we would like to bring these to life - timeless photos that you will love and want to share.

“Some moments need more than words”


Vanessa Vermeulen has trained as an actuary, dancer & flower crown designer (just jokes on the last one). She has traveled extensively through North America, Mexico, South America & Canada as a dancer, settling back in South Africa where she now dedicates her time to photography. Her love for dance & arts in general influences the way she sees a moment & captures it through the lens seeking for more than just what meets the eye.

Gerrit Vermeulen originally trained as a software developer where he spent the bulk of his time creating products aimed at making people’s lives better. He now dedicates his time to his passion: photography. He is also a dancer which has influenced & inspired his work in many ways particularly capturing the movement in a moment.